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Case Study

Bespoke Solutions

Llancaiach Fawr

Indulging in Afternoon tea is as much about a dining experience as being served exquisite treats. Often that idyllic setting is closer to home than anticipated. This is true enough for Llancaiach Fawr, with modern facilities on the backdrop of a 16th century historic manor house in picturesque grounds, there are few places better to repose.  Catering Manager Kezz was equally enthused to take full advantage of the local venue’s beauty. However, a logistical problem was poised by the fact that numbers fluctuated unreliably so the shortly perishable fresh desserts were not practical. We have designed a unique set frozen afternoon tea box which is split into compartments altogether containing; 4 Scones,  4 mini Carrot cakes, 4 Mini Raspberry Muffins, 4 Mini Duo Mousse pots and 4 7cm Lemon Tarts (One of our Great Taste Winners in 2016). This fitted perfectly with Llancaiach’s needs, the boxes could be frozen for up to 3 months allowing for a guaranteed minimum stock level to be kept.  The boxes could then be used as and when needed whilst being confident they were of the usual Terry’s Patisserie standard.  Many have indulged in an afternoon tea at Llancaiach Fawr since.

Our Solutions

  • 4 Scones
  • 4 mini Carrot cakes
  • 4 Mini Raspberry Muffins
  • 4 Mini Duo Mousse pots
  • 4 7cm Lemon Tarts (One of our Great Taste Winners in 2016)